Help with drawing some curves

Hi Everyone,

I am trying to draw this piece so I can 3d print, I am running into an issue where I don’t know how to draw the curves from the upper half. Can someone show me really quick how to draw the curves on this. Don’t go too fast or you will confuse me even more.


Maybe you should first make up your mind…
Do you want “really quick” or “not to fast”?

You have to know the radii of the curves too…

I just want to see how to do the curves, not trying to be too exact right now.

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Sorry, I don’t know how to make a video or gif like some sages do a lot of times here.
But it’s nothing more than 3 arcs and then mirror them to make the other half, as it seems to be symmetrical.

I already saw that video but it didn’t help me much. I know how to make rounded corners etc., but I don’t know how to make a shape like what I posted which is continuous.

You could also import that picture and trace it over…

Hmm, let me see if I can do that.

If you know how to make an arc, you can also make a second one. In place or somewhere else and move it to join them.

If you trace it, trace half and then mirror or it won’t be symmetrical…

To make the most accurate trace, the photo has to be made perpendicular from the center. But yours seems pretty good…

At the end select the model and make it a group and check to see it’s Solid group


This is as far as my knowledge goes with an ark which is for rounding corners.

This is a good example, I am trying it now…


@mihai.s to the resque…

Problem is he is moving so fast I am trying to figure out how in the world he is making the curves so exact.

SketchUp’s “inference engine” makes it very simple and essentially automatic to connect new geometry (an arc, an edge, etc.) to some existing geometry. Hover the cursor near a location of significance, and SketchUp will jump the cursor to the exact location. Significant locations include end-points and mid-points of edges, centers of arcs and circles, etc. The color of the inference-dot shown by SketchUp indicates the type of location (green for end-points and cyan for mid-points in the current editing context, purple when those locations are in a nested editing context).

@mihai.s is doing the same as @TheOnlyAaron in his square one video with the 2-point arc. Only faster…
Watch the square one video a few times…

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Click in sequence on the scenes tabs of this SU file for ideas.

Piece made of curves.skp (261.2 KB)