Help with drawing a complex curve?

Hello, I am attaching a reference pic for a curved arm on a sofa. Does anyone have any tips on how to just draw the arm of this sofa? Not exactly but the premise on how to go about it?

Any help would be greatly appreciated? :slight_smile:
Thank you


There are many ways to approach this depending on what your end need is. Are you currently using any extensions that you are comfortable with? Several of them could help you accomplish this. Here is a start with a middle level of detail using one extension. First I make a planer shape that represents the front of the arm. Then I draw a path for that shape to follow to make 1/2 of the couch. the use follow me tool to build the shape. I use fredoscale box tapering to raise one corner of the component and then I used traditional scaling on one of the faces to match that height.

This first pass could be made much more specific if need by other extensions, it depends much on the level of detail you need.

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or with Quads (Vertex Tools, QuadFace Tools and SUbD)


Holy cow guys!!! Thank you thank you!! Both are great but I think what mihai.s suggested would work best! I have only ever designed wood furniture but upholstery is a whole other demon!!:slight_smile:

I am not sure how you go about drawing the rough shape first? I have never used these tools before so not sure where to get them? Sketchucation? Also, any chance you could show me how you created the first step?

I will look at tutorials for these tools as well.

Thank you sooo much guys!


An animated gif of a few seconds will not replace learning the basics for those plugins, but I made it for you to get an idea of how you can model that object


Thank you so much for taking the time to show me this :slight_smile: It will be a good start for me to try to learn these tools and what they can do. Much appreciated ! :):slight_smile: