Drawing Complex Curves

I am trying to design a banquette for a kitchen and am having trouble trying to figure out how to build some complex curves. The space I am working with is like a U, so two shorter side walls and then a long middle wall. The back of the banquette looks like an asymmetrical wave in that it is higher at the right side than the left side when looking straight at the middle wall. The rounded peaks in the corners are to wrap around onto the side walls and then taper away as they extend to the ends of the benches on the sides. The top is going to be about 2-3" and the bottom will be about 5". So in the corners I have a concave corner that is rounded at the top and follows the wave. So I have curves happening on all three axis going in different directions. I am fairly competent in SketchUp but I have now hit my ceiling with regards to ability. Any assistance in explaining how to pull this off would be greatly appreciated.

You can draw curved lines with this plugin: BezierSpline
This plugin might be useful creating curved surfaces: Bezier Surface
And check this plugin for creating complex surfaces with drawn contours or paths: Curviloft

Sounds like you have specific idea of what you what, what about a elevation and plan view sketches ( had drawn) of it. That way maybe we can avoid the 20 question merry go round.?

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this is the idea. But rather than a sofa it is a banquette. As you can see the corners are sloped either side and it is an inside curve.

Bezier Spline is the extension you need.

I know what you’re after, did you take a look at those plugins i suggested? They are all free to use.

If you’re going to create such furnitures a lot, then i advise you to look at these plugins as well: Artisan, Vertex Tools, SubD (These are not free).

Also take a look at these furniture examples/workflows of two talented guys ginchius and alvis . I suggest reading the whole topics since they’re sharing some useful information along the road.

thanks for all the suggestions. Yes that is exactly what I am looking for. thanks again.

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