Any tips on how to model this?

(TL;DR at the bottom)


I started 3D modeling on Sketchup last August, and have started on doing modelling for 3D printing. I started modelling some basic shapes, and got to understand a lot of things on how to model in Sketchup, and relearn some techniques that I learned while making stuff on Sketchup years ago.

I decided that it would be nice to make a streamlined high speed train to 3d print it. The intermediate cars were relatively easier to build, but the end cars are the ones that I am facing hardship on.
(you can also search “KTX-EUM” for the photos.)
As you can see in the images, the bottom half curves upward to make a shoe-like shape, while the top half of the body curves downward and join the bottom half. This seemed relatively easy, until I faced some problems.

The first method I tried was that I started to extrude the crucial parts of the train from the side diagram and made it into a somewhat blocky shape. However, I have no idea how to extrude the curves to fill in those spots that are left to be filled. I used the “follow me” tool, however that only works with the width of the spot that I had to fill was consistent throughout the path. I also realized that this wouldn’t be viable since I had to later somehow make the curved tips, which I also had no idea how I am supposed to make it.

The second method that I am now trying is that I am thinking of making the top half and the bottom half separately, and then use the union tool to join them together. However, I realized that I am still stuck with the problems that I mentioned beforehand.

I searched about how to make these types of shapes on YouTube, however I am only met with basic tutorials on basic shapes. Anyone have any tips on modeling this?

I can attach the 3D model if needed.

(TL;DR) It’s a bit of a challenge for me as I started 3D modeling 1.5 months ago, but are there any tips on modeling this front shape of this train?

Search for Curviloft plugin - tutorials