I updated to Mac OS 12.5 (Monterey) and now my projects open in the Trial Version

I updated to Mac OS 12.5 (Monterey) after I bought a SketchUp Pro subscription 2 months ago. When I clicked a SketchUp project I was asked that I sign into Trimble. It would not accept my SketchUp password so I created a new one for Trimble. Now my projects only open in a Trial Version and my subscription has been removed from my computer. All I have is the receipt. How do I get my subscription back???

How did you “make a new password”? My guess is that you were trying sign in with a different email than the one you originally purchased with, that might be why your password didn’t work. When you made a new password you in fact make a whole new account that you are now signed in as. This new account does not have access to any of the purchased products. Try signing out and sign back in with the original password and email?

Thank you. You very well could be correct because I do use 2 emails. I will check tomorrow.

Best to edit your post and remove your personal data.

Maybe @colin can sort out which account you need to be in.

(Fellow CT architect)

It’s yourname@me.com that has the subscription, not yourcompany@me.com.

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Yes, Colin must have fixed it because I’m back from Labor Day and now it works! By the way, I have moved out of state, but was in CT for many years. How did you know I lived there?

You must have fixed it! Thank you!

Just guessing based on the 860 area code (now taken down as you should), but of course these days you can move and keep your number.

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