I once saw a SKP file THIIIIIIIIIIS big

I think you nailed it @JustinTSE (in both new and old video)
so, to wrap it up:

  • Reduce your texture size to what you actually need
  • Purge unused materials and components
  • Don’t create edges that are hard to see on your viewport

@TheOnlyAaron is there any other tips?

Thank you

That’s optional–you’d just hit purge all. Typically the items are pre-checked and you’d have the option to deselect. Or you could hit clear and select individual components. This isn’t my imagination–in Quickbooks if i go to a list of transactions and want to delete, I get this exact menu. In my audio production software, the same. This is a common, tried and true feature when dealing with lists of elements. And I will add, again, the simple ability to sort–whether alphabetically, by file size, by tag, or some other parameter, is inexplicably absent.

As little as possible. I like to keep past used components available, but when the skp file starts getting too big I start having performance issues.

skp files? I can’t imagine a file that large working, at least not on my computer.

To each his own. But I wouldn’t be so outspoken about this if the basic tools I’m talking about weren’t commonplace in other programs.

Sorting could be a valuable feature if your components are fully spec’d out with all of the available data. I don’t see much of that on the Warehouse and in our case we do it by style number which is all we need. I agree it would be nice to search based on criteria/name etc.

So you looking for a purge checklist and being able to order the list and search amongst the list?

I am just too lazy, I just go back to the well where I know what I am looking for :slight_smile:

Our file sizes are driven by doing 4 showrooms on one floor of Neocon at the Merchandise Mart. There is a reason our machines have 64gb of RAM.

…plus: visual indication of components in use, the association with tags (sortable), “file” size of component (sortable), option for larger thumbnails, “take me there” when selected, fix context click problem, to name a few. I created a post on the subject here: The component browser is terrible. Prove me wrong

Note: My first post and I am very new to SU.

If you want to see my file, which is 350Mb and has over 10M components? :blush:

I am totally struggling to manage my project and I even thought my Rog Zephyrus M16(i9) need to be replaced because it’s lagging in SU and the constant noise is unbearable.

I haven’t modeled anything myself, and all components I have imported either from Revit or AutoCAD 3D. Although most of the components are quite organized for now, I really need to get the file more manageable and smaller. If any of you experts would like to give me help, I could buy some services from you.

Hopefully with this request I ain’t brake any forum rules :slight_smile:

The “manageable” and “smaller” properties are partly different things. Model performance depends almost exclusively on the amount of edges, faces and materials SketchUp has to shuffle around. File size depends largely on model organization and how well everything repeating has been turned into components.
You can upload your model to a file sharing service and share the link to get suggestions from forum members about what to do with it.

Uploaded the large file and also three area files which I made from one big file.

There is some modeling that still need to do - like wall and ceiling framing for a 1000m2 area (area 470 model) - wall cladding need to be organized for that area. Components need to use more realistic colors. Floor works - like leveling, and tiling need to be organized.

My main goal is to have it controlled in 5D software (Syncro, Bexel), so I could control 3D also time and cost-wise. I am just worried my project will end before I get my 3D model done, lol. The model won’t need also accurate measures but need to have all components for QTO and material and task scheduling.


And don’t hang me, because I am just BIM-idea enthusiast, but I might sound too far from the actual knowledge. :slight_smile: Maybe I should just stick with a pencil and paper!? :smiley:

I downloaded your file. It has something like 14 million edges and 6 million faces. The main reason seems to be that it has been imported from some other software so that the model is very triangulated. Running ThomThom’s CleanUp extension with all the boxes checked sort of decimated the geometry. Look if something went missing. It is still rather unwieldy. Hope it isn’t Estonia.
401 - HULL2.skp (8.4 MB)

Kiitos Anssi!

It’s not Estonia, it is somewhat called a interior project in cruise ships, thehee…

I have been running also CleanUp 3 for the model. It has been reduced some megabytes, but not so drastically that I could drop idea to buy myself some better machine.

Hull i have been importing from STEP files,
Interior I have imported from Revit or AutoCad 3D dwg files.

Only think I can think of, is to start again from the beginning, and for bigger area each component, i have to after importing do all columns and other rounded faces some detail reduction… then clean component with CleanUp… does it matter if I put all components to layer 0? What am I losing after doing so?

And greetings to Finland

Thank you

The only purpose of Tags is to control visibility.
The best practice is to bring in each downloaded component to a new file for cleanup and size reduction before adding it to the main model.

For an interior design project I would probably forget about what is inside the hull and deck structures and threat them as forms with an outer and inner surface and nothing inside. When the model is finished no one will see inside the deck anyway.
When cleaning the model up, I think most of the excess geometry was in the deck beams with holes in them. Choosing not to model the holes would reduce the model further.

Like brandt.esko I’m also new to this forum and still learning SKP.
My hardware is a ROG Zephyrus G14., AMD Ryzen 9 5900HS,32GB ram.
Rendering software is Podium plugin.

I’m working on a model for a marina & commercial shopping/plaza, physically the area covers an area around 1km x 2km (2 islands and a section of the mainland) which I need to appear accurately in the background when I generate views.
So-far the model is around 350Mb with the marina sparsely populated with boats. Apart from some over-exposure issues and a few bugsplats it is still manageable.
Now the client has asked for some images of a boat-show he wants to host on the site, so - fully populated with a range of 20m to 50m luxury yachts. (all unique designs, copy-paste rows of identical boats looks dreadful)

To do this I deleted al the proposed buildings but I still got filesize of 660Mb.
After reading this thread I was reminded to purge the file, which took around 15 minutes to complete and it reduced the size to 600Mb.
I’m getting more bugsplats - so I save a lot (which takes 5 minutes) and the file takes about 7 minutes to load.

Asus have some good diagnostic software which allows me to keep track of what resources I m running out of - When I’m rendering the CPU is running at up to 90% and it reaches temps around 93 deg, but the RAM never rises above around 70% capacity. (22Gb used)
Windows takes around 4Gb, and with the 600Mb file open & idle 10.6Gb is used.

It seems to me that adding RAM won’t help handle the files, I need more CPU. Does Sketchup support multi-core processing? or are 7 of my cores sitting idle?

No 3D modelling application supports multithreading (except for some limited tasks like non-realtime rendering). Autodesk promised to make 3D Studio Max modelling multithreaded some 30 years ago but it has not yet materialized.

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You shouldn’t be doing that with SketchUp Make…


To get better feedback in this specific case please start a new thread.
(this one seems to be for “big file” anecdotes and tips in general)

Could you share a small piece of the area including some representative buildings, boats and terrain to see how detailed you are modeling and to maybe generate some suggestions for improvements for managing your model.


Honestly, I only posted here because my file is big, and it’s still manageable. I found it interesting that I’m nowhere near running out of RAM with 32Gb installed.
I do have some issues I’d like help with but not relating to file size so much as drawing extents. I’ll start a new thread when I have some time!
Thanks for the reply.
It seems I can only upload one file…


I thought as much - my CAD software is the same (DesignCAD)
Thanks for confirming.

After a few posts you should be allowed to upload more than one file.

p.s. I was more thinking of part of your skp file. Not a screenshot / render.

The render @AdrianK posted shows clearly that his file is practically beyond rescue. There are a legion boat models modelled down to the last knob and switch. A radical switch of emphasis would be needed. Now you have detailed boats and a sketchy marina.

There are 22 unique boat types, mostly between 4mb & 8mb - the 13m Sunseeker boat in the foreground is by far the largest model I used at 46mb. This is why I placed it up front and centre for max impact.
The render is to promote a boat show - we’re trying to sell boats, not the marina, so sexy boats is the aim.
The file does not need rescuing, it does what I need and it shows that Sketchup will run a 600mb file on a laptop. I thought that was relevant on a thread about “big file” anecdotes and tips?

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