Unexpected file format, please help

Please, if anyone can help me recover my work T_T
i cant open both skp and skb file RECOVER PLS - Google Drive

Please do not double post, @colin will eventually see your post.
May take some time as it is weekend now…

im sorry, i didnt know my 1st post went thru . is there anywhere else i can ask for assistance? i really need this asap. thank u

I have had terrible delays in my trip to England. As I type this I’m still at Heathrow Airport, with another hour wait before I get on a bus that is a 3 hours 40 minutes trip. At this point it’s 22 hours since I left home in Boulder!

I will check the files later, when I have better Internet.


My trip ended up taking 27 hours, door to door. A more normal time would be 15 hours.

Could not recover much from the file. Check the Components tray to see if there is anything useful in there: