Unexpected file format in 2 files

i have tried to open in skp viewer and changing file name and format, but i cannot fix this file, or open it. can someone try to do something with it? if i could somehow have only a part of it would be of such a great help!Uploading: base 01.skp...

It looks like your upload didn’t make it. Try editing your post, re-upload the file, and wait for the upload to finish before hitting the reply button.

On second thoughts, how large is the file? If it’s above forum limits, another way is to upload it to something like Dropbox. Then share the link here instead.

sorry, haven`t noticed that

here is the wetransfer link

base 01 is the original skp file
and base 0000 is the skb.

When I try what I can with these files I get varied results. Very rarely the file does recover ok, and often it doesn’t recover at all.

The rest of the time I manage to recover the components in the model, and depending on how you use components, that may still be useful.

That was the case for your two files:

yeah these came up empty, i hoped that at least the components i used in it would be usable… shame, but well, if anyone else wants to try, i would be very thankfull.

I can’t decide whether or not you’re aware of the following. Although the files Colin uploaded appear empty when you open them, they do actually contain all of the components in the “in model collection”. They are still there and usable, but obviously not in the original model space positions they were.

SketchUp Free:

Dekstop Versions:

Like @IanT said, you have a lot of components in there, bring them back out into the scene.