I need help!

Dope_window (1).skp is not a valid sketchup 8 file. I f you are using the later version, try saving a temporary copy of your file in version 8

Please provide more information. Are you trying to open a component you downloaded from the 3D Warehouse in SketchUp 8? If so, the file is too new to be opened in SketchUp 8. The 3D Warehouse only supports the latest three versions so that would be SketchUp 2017, 2018, and 2019.

I apologize! Yes I am using the Landscape Pro and the version I assume it uses is version 8. I use to could upload but now it gives me that error I just posted,

It’s still not clear to me. Are you trying to use components you downloaded from the 3D Warehouse? If Landscape Pro requires SketchUp 8 files, you’ll need to get the current version of SketchUp to open them and then back save to version 8.

Yes I am trying to download models from 3d warehouse in my Landscape Pro. However, now I get this message when I try to open the model in my Landscape Pro “Dope_window (1).skp is not a valid sketchup 8 file. I f you are using the later version, try saving a temporary copy of your file in version 8” So, I am so lost. I really like the models but I am finding it difficult now with the changes. This is the error I get for any model that I try to download into my LP. I do not understand the error is all. What should I do?

As I’ve already written,the 3D Warehouse doesn’t support SketchUp 8. It only supports the current and two previous versions of SketchUp. If you want to use components from the 3D Warehouse, you’ll need to get a version of SketchUp that can open them. Then you can use Save as… to save the file back to version 8.

If you are using this for your work, you’ll need to get SketchUp Pro. The current version is SketchUp 2019.

Alternatively, you might look at Landscape Pro and see if there’s a new version which will handle the newer version SKP files.

Thank you for your responses!!! I think I am going to have to update with Landscape Pro. So there is no way around getting that old version 8 (eye wink). Darn! Thanks! I’ll check with them. Again Thanks for your immediate response!

Twice @DaveR has said you can get the 8 version by using a newer version to save as back to version 8.

I am so lost. How do I use the new version because my LP only uses version 8. Like he said I will just have to upgrade with my LP. Because I am just use to getting the objects downloading and that’s it but all this new stuff like downloading what. You don’t understand because you are not in my shoes. I simply login to warehouse and get whatever I need. So all of this is a bit new to me and I do not understand. That is all. I can read and I know he stated that twice. Like if you are teaching English to a Foreigner and that don’t understand not that they couldn’t read but not understanding. That is my situation. I simply don’t understand and I will just upload the new LP because they did get a new program. Thanks for your intuitive point!

Generally people come here for help using sketchup, we help them do that. You appear not to be using sketchup at all, and that wasn’t immediately obvious.
Installing a current version of sketchup would allow you to download a model from the warehouse and save it as the very old SU8 version.
But if you are only using it in another software then the natural step would be to Upgrade the other software.

Thank you! That’s what I am doing. I will also try to download Sketchup as well for my own purpose so then I can be fully aware. I use the sketchup models that came with my LPro version is all. I am on their site now. Thanks! But I did see a link to sketchup version 8 I think it said 2014 and that is the version of my LPro. Thanks! Should I download that link?

SketchUp 8 and SketchUp 2014 are not the same. SketchUp 2014 is also no longer supported so even if you found a copy of it, you wouldn’t be able to open models from the 3D Warehouse with it.

oh ok! Thanks! Is their a link to version 8 then?

No. SketchUp 8 hasn’t been available since 2012. And for the third time, even if you had SketchUp 8, you could do anything with files from the 3D Warehouse. It won’t open them. I don’t know how to make that any more clear.

The simple fix is to get the current version of SketchUp so you can access the components in the 3D Warehouse and then back save them to Version 8 so LP will open them. It doesn’t sound like LP has been keeping up if their latest version opens SketchUp 2014 files.

I think I am getting it. That error message is what led me to this because it was so confusing I will just upgrade with them (Idea Spectrum) when they open. They are on the West Coast. Thanks!

How do I get the latest version? Please help me! Thanks! I know I have possibly gotten on you and box’s nerves but this is all new to me.

Go to the SketchUp website: https://www.sketchup.com/

You can get a SketchUp Subscription license or the Classic license

Thanks! I am on my way!