I need a cure for faces to be solid - help!

Hi Guys, I have this model and im hoping to get the cured faces solid. Can anybody help ?
skp model.skp (202.7 KB)

Use Fredo6’s Joint Push Pull available at SketchuCation.com. There’s a small fee but well worth it.
Make sure you follow the tutorial.

Or use Curviloft: https://sketchucation.com/pluginstore?pln=Curviloft
Depends on the outcome you want.
Warning: I tried to skin your model with cuviloft but it didn’t produce a Solid. More work to be done afterwards, or clean up the curves before skinning…
Edit: Cleanup3 made it solid. Is this what you are after?
skp model (SU 2017)skinned.skp (2,9 MB)

In this case, I don’t think that you need plugins.

Click in sequence on the scenes tabs of this SU file for ideas.

skp model.skp (390.0 KB)


Wonderfull solution!!
Also much cleaner… Makes me wonder how the original was created. All arcs have different numbers of segments.


I’d like you to know that I always download your ‘follow the scenes’ models and they have been very helpful to me as I have become familiar with this software. I have even created a few such models for myself over time because I’d manage to get something modeled up and later find that I had absolutely no clue how I did it. So, I got in the habit of making a ‘Jean File’ to remind myself.

I don’t use modeling extensions, so when I see a simple problem like this one, I appreciate that someone takes the time to present a solution using native tools. This object, whatever it is, struck me as being a section of a toroid, and I have found that extruding with ‘follow me’ along an outer or inner arc often produces a result that is slightly off. So, I thought I’d toss an alternative method in here ‘a la Jean’ where the shape is extruded along a circle and the unwanted portion removed afterward. Native tools only, of course. Hope you like it.

Toroidal shape.skp (872.9 KB)


Extensions have their place since they allow you to create very intricate parts that would take a long time using only native tools but, for relatively simple geometry like the one that you show, your method is quite good.

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Yes, and thank you, again, for showing us that extensions are not always necessary.

i opened your file and found the dimensions from the original to the finished version are different

I had played with the follow me tool to achieve this and got the same result…

Is there any way to get the same measurement ?

thankyou how do i unblock this to make it its own

@GregL I didn’t change anything, just closed the surfaces that where open…
So I don’t know which measurements have changed?

Right Click and Explode. I made that face a group. You clicked in and moved the face instead of just moving the group. Now you have a group with two faces in it.

If you are new to SketchUp you need to watch a few Square One videos.

You can use the Save Copy As function under the file menu to make chronological files as you move along. This maintains the current file for you to keep working on and a copy with an appended number in numerical order so you can always go back to see what you did and when you did it.