I made a mistake in payment, but no reply received to my refund emails (3 times)

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Sorry for the out-of-community content.
But it’s too urgent, so I’d like to borrow the knowledge.
On February 28th, SketchUp subscription discount promotion started in Korea.
I bought it, but I paid without entering the promo code, so I couldn’t get the discount.
I wanted to cancel the purchase, so I sent an inquiry email 3 times, but I did not receive any reply.
I am worried that I may have found the wrong inquiry window.
Where can I inquire and process a refund?
I eagerly await your reply.

I asked someone in customer support to check for messages from you, and they don’t see any. So, they are going to email you. Reply to the email that you see arriving.

I got an email a few hours ago and sent a refund confirmation message. I’m glad it worked out.
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Kwon Jin’a

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