Sketchup pro refund

I bought a 4/14 scatch-up.
I’d like to get a refund for some reason.

What is a 4/14 scratch-up?

It’s similar to SketchUp, but involves paper and a coin, to see if you have won something.

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To ask for a refund, please use this web page:

The answer is “The answer you entered for the CAPTCHA was not correct.”

Ha! I feel sure you are not alone in having problems with CAPTCHA.

If it’s ok, I will ask a colleague to contact you, and you can then reply to request the refund.

I have asked a colleague in London to contact you. If my message is seen during the morning in London, you should see an email message during your evening.

The reason for the refund was my mistake.
You have to buy it in 3D max, not in a scatchup.
So I want a refund.

My colleague should have contacted you by now.

What should I do?

I will send you an email with the message from my colleague. You can read her questions, and reply to me, with your answers. Then I will forwards your answers to her.

It will take me a few minutes, but let me know if my email gets to you.

It’s been a day, but the mail hasn’t arrived.

It’s been six day, but the mail hasn’t arrived!!!

I don’t know why you were able to receive my email, but not the one from my colleague.

The refund was processed six days ago. Can you check to make sure that you see that the refund happened?