I know My.Sketchup is in Beta Form, but

I am a teacher and my 4th grade students have been working on projects for two months. Several projects have completely disappeared for no reason, and students can’t sign out of my.sketchup. When two students share one computer, and either student logs in, they see BOTH student’s projects who have been working on that shared computer. This is so frustrating.

I guess my question is, when will this no longer be in Beta?

Keep posting your findings with these and maybe better described issues and the developers will have some clue on what exacly is going on. You might wanna share type of OS, what sort of environment(ie network or standalone) type of browser etc.
That would speed up the transition from beta to a matured version of my.sketchup.
After all , it is called ‘my’ sketchup which would imply that it is something we could improve/develop together(?)

Clearing caches before starting a session might improve the performance

It seems my.SketchUp hasn’t been designed to be used in shared user sessions. It uses extensive caching in your browser’s local storage to avoid redownloading the same stuff. When two students use the same account on the computer, but switch their signin of the online account, the browser cache still contains the same models and confuses SketchUp.

To solve the issue, you could clear local storage in the browser’s preferences. I don’t know whether my.SketchUp has a setting not to use local storage.

If you log out of the previous student’s computer account, then log into the second student’s computer account and then sign into the second student’s online account, the issue should not occur.

Hi there,

We aren’t quite ready yet to support my.SketchUp in a classroom environment. In fact, that was one of the main reasons why we launched with the ‘Beta’ flag flying. But we’re super excited to be able to support teachers like you who are using SketchUp in their classrooms, and will have an announcement for you all soon.


Thanks for all your replies. Hopefully everything will be worked out by
next school year!


A community member directed me here so thought I’d post my question here:

I am brand new to this community and software. I have never used autocad or anything like this.

I’ve been asked to introduce the my.sketchup to 12 and 13 year olds to complete a project.

Here is a brief list of the requirements:

  1. Design the interior of the space station
  2. Use a cross section to show the various areas of the space station
  3. The space station must have various areas including living quarters, medical facility, kitchen etc.

You get the idea I think.

My question: is my.sketchup app the appropriate tool for this project? The teacher wants it to be completed in about 2 class sessions which is why I’m looking at the web based app.


Thanks for your input. We are using Chromebooks so can’t download. We’re going to try the browser version and keep our fingers crossed. The students can also work outside class time since it’s web based.

Question: How do you print a drawing/project? Or convert from .skp to jpg?

I have never had students print (in 2D) from Sketchup. I always feel it
doesn’t do the project justice. To print in 3D, and most likely 2D as
well, you must download it to your computer, and have the Sketchup software
already installed. You can’t do that, so I’m not sure what options you
have. You also can’t animate or label it online.

I have been told by the Sketchup people that ‘soon’ it won’t be in Beta
anymore. Just make sure your students realize this and let them know that
it may not turn out the way they expect!

Thank you again for your response. I appreciate it. We made the decision to go with the Make version due to the concerns and limitations you expressed as I had a short time frame to intro the software and didn’t want to leave the students hanging should something not turn out right with the browser version. Hopefully by the next time we get into this the beta bugs will be worked out. Have a great day!

…aaand we’re live :wink:

We’re proud to be able to announce the public beta of SketchUp for Schools today. Essentially, this is a version of my.SketchUp implemented on Google’s GSuite for Edu platform. Now you have a more direct way to use SketchUp on Chromebooks in your classroom.


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