Account Bugs with sign in / out and viewing files

I’ve taken my students through our Pretest and we were met with the following bugs. I’ve been able to get around most of them by refreshing or logging out, closing the window, and reopening it.

  • the menu icon in the upper left won’t always open
  • the sign out button doesn’t always show up when a student is signed in
  • even if a student is signed in as themselves, it will show another students files. I’ve had them sign out, clear cookies and cache, close window, then sign back in to fix it. A lengthy process for limited class time.

Other than that I’m really happy with how the beta is going. Browser based will be much easier for my students.

@bott thanks for the feedback, it is really helpful for us moving forward.

There is a case where the authentication dialog is open but behind the active window. Clicking on the Menu seems to do nothing in this case. We have discussed a few things in the past to counteract this behavior so I will bring this up to the team. The workaround for the moment would be to find the open dialog through the browser or operating system and bring it to the front.

When a saved model is open we disable the Sign Out button. To get around this a user will need to create a new model and then sign out. The reason we do this is that we are syncing the changes in the saved model and signing out would cause a strange state for the application

Are you using or

Thanks for your time and feedback


Thank you for the work arounds.

I had students go to my.sketchup to make their models. When I type in edu.sketchup it takes me here:

I can’t get to the modeling tools only information for signing up. However, when I reopen their models to grade and choose to open with the sketchup app it takes me to edu.sketchup.

I’m thinking I need to direct my students to log in a different way. Suggestions?

@bott We will work on getting you started with the Educational site. More information to come on that front. As for the issue with students seeing other’s files, you have found a good bug on the my.sketchup site. We will get a fix out for this soon. Once you get started with the edu.sketchup site you will not have this problem.

Thanks again


Hi @bott,

SketchUp for Schools is available to any school signed up with G Suite for Education. It’s an easier way for G Suite schools to share and access SketchUp files since models are stored on Google Drive (versus my.sketchup model storage on Trimble Connect – Trimble’s cloud storage solution). In order to access SketchUp for Schools, you should ask your school’s administrator to do a one-time deploy of the application from G Suite’s Marketplace.

Once deployed, students will be able to log in to SketchUp for Schools using their school gmail address and share files with you via Google Drive or Classrooms.

Hope this helps!


@bott – checking in, were you able to access SketchUp for Schools after your administrator deployed from the G Suite Marketplace?

We appreciate your feedback, and just so you know, we are working on fixing the bugs you described in both my.sketchup and SketchUp for Schools. Please let us know if you spot anything else that hinders how you work with your class/students.


My students are able to get in. They have to click on the Google blocks and locate the app. When they type in it still takes them to the page for administrators to start it up. I just adjusted my directions for them and it is working fine.

Thank you for your help.

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