Using my.sketchup app (web based) for edu with middle school students


I am brand new to this community and software. I have never used autocad or anything like this.

I’ve been asked to introduce the my.sketchup to 12 and 13 year olds to complete a project.

Here is a brief list of the requirements:

  1. Design the interior of the space station
  2. Use a cross section to show the various areas of the space station
  3. The space station must have various areas including living quarters, medical facility, kitchen etc.

You get the idea I think.

My question: is my.sketchup app the appropriate tool for this project? The teacher wants it to be completed in about 2 class sessions which is why I’m looking at the web based app.


It could be done although two class sessions seems optimistic. Keep in mind that my.SketchUp is still in beta and not all features have been implemented yet. There was a recent thread on the topic of using my.SketchUp in a school setting. It might be worth a read.

Appreciate your timely response. I’ll check the link and you included.Thanks!

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