Can this be used with students?

Are there age restrictions? Can I introduce a group of students on chrome books to mySketchUp? They would be under 13.

You do understand that my.sketchup is still in Beta testing, and (I would think) they wish experienced SketchUp users (or experienced modelers in general) for the testing ?

There are normal features that have not yet been deployed like making certain settings, etc. Users who do not understand this, (because they haven’t yet read the my.sketchup introductory information or don’t know what software testing is all about,) end up filling up the forum with “How do I … ?” questions, whose answer is “this feature hasn’t yet been deployed in my.sketchup.”

I don’t know if testing requires experienced users. Having complete beginners might also be useful to get feedback on usability.

My.SketchUp isn’t ready for use with your school’s Chromebooks, but we’ve had a lot of folks interested in doing that in the future. Stay tuned for more information as we develop further, but for now SketchUp for Education is your best bet.


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can Sketchup for Education be used on chrome books?

No. SketchUp is a desktop application with currently, editions for Mac OSX and Microsoft Windows.

“SketchUp for Education” is just a cost saving program for schools using computers that run desktop operating systems.

So, if your school only has Chromebooks, then you’ll need to be patient and wait for to be released for educational use.

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thank you