I have made a model in Sketchup. It is a .skb file

I wanted to make a stand for my kirby amiibo by making a star in my school’s 3d printer. I made a model with the correct dimensions and shape that I want. However, I do not know how to export it/change it into a 3d printable model. If there is someone who can do this and then send me the printable file, I would be very thankful. Tweakbox

SKB is the extension of the backup file of your model. SKP is the extension for the model file itself. You need to export a .stl file from SketchUp to send to your printer. You can do that yourself in File>Export.

Almost all 3D printers expect a .stl file, so you will need to export your SketchUp model as stl. Depending on which SketchUp version you are using the stl exporter may be built in under File->Export, or you may have to install an stl export extension.

While you are visiting here, please amend your forum profile. To give a good answer here, we often need to know the specific versions of Windows and SketchUp as well as the model, not just the maker, of your graphics.

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