Sketchup Code of an Object?

So I want to print an object that I found posted online. However the author posted just the code (at least thatโ€™s what Iโ€™m assuming it is?) for the .skp file. Being that I am extremely new to sketchup, what do i do with this? How do I take this code and use it to display the object in sketchup?

Iโ€™m not sure I understand what you mean by โ€œjust the codeโ€? .skp is the native file format of SketchUp. If you have the .skp file, you just need to open it using SketchUp. You can then make sure it is suitable for printing (i.e. SketchUp considers the object to be a โ€œsolidโ€) and export from SketchUp in a format your 3D printer can accept - usually stl.

Well i figured there would be a file to download but there wasnโ€™t.
Here is a sample of the โ€œcodeโ€;

โ€œ๏ปฟเปฟSketchUp Model๏ปฟเฏฟ{16.1.1449}๎ฅƒ่บป๋ชนไซด๋’ไํƒ˜โป๏ปฟรฟโถๅžˆๅ™ƒ็‰ฅๆฅณๆนฏๆ…๏ฝฐไŒ‰ไ„€็ˆ€ๆŒ€ไŒ€็”€็ˆ€็˜€ๆ”€ฬ€๏ผ€ไŒŠไ„€็€็€็ˆ€ๆค€ๆˆ€็”€็€ๆ”€๏ผ€ไŒ“ไ„€็€็€็ˆ€ๆค€ๆˆ€็”€็€ๆ”€ไŒ€ๆผ€ๆธ€็€ๆ„€ๆค€ๆธ€ๆ”€็ˆ€๏ผ€ไŒไ„€็€็€็ˆ€ๆค€ๆˆ€็”€็€ๆ”€ไธ€ๆ„€ๆด€ๆ”€ๆ€ฤ€๏ผ€ไŒไˆ€ๆ„€ๆŒ€ๆฌ€ๆœ€็ˆ€ๆผ€็”€ๆธ€ๆ€ไค€ๆด€ๆ„€ๆœ€ๆ”€เจ€๏ผ€ไŒ‡ไŒ€ๆ„€ๆด€ๆ”€็ˆ€ๆ„€ิ€๏ผ€ไŒŠไŒ€ๆผ€ๆด€็€€ๆผ€ๆธ€ๆ”€ๆธ€็€เฌ€๏ผ€ไŒ’ไŒ€ๆผ€ๆด€็€€ๆผ€ๆธ€ๆ”€ๆธ€็€ไˆ€ๆ”€ๆ €ๆ„€็˜€ๆค€ๆผ€็ˆ€ิ€๏ผ€ไŒ”ไŒ€ๆผ€ๆด€็€€ๆผ€ๆธ€ๆ”€ๆธ€็€ไ€ๆ”€ๆ˜€ๆค€ๆธ€ๆค€็€ๆค€ๆผ€ๆธ€เจ€๏ผ€ไŒ’ไŒ€ๆผ€ๆด€็€€ๆผ€ๆธ€ๆ”€ๆธ€็€ไค€ๆธ€็Œ€็€ๆ„€ๆธ€ๆŒ€ๆ”€ิ€๏ผ€ไŒ•ไŒ€ๆผ€ๆธ€็Œ€็€็ˆ€็”€ๆŒ€็€ๆค€ๆผ€ๆธ€ไœ€ๆ”€ๆผ€ๆด€ๆ”€็€็ˆ€็ค€๏ผ€ไŒ‘ไŒ€ๆผ€ๆธ€็Œ€็€็ˆ€็”€ๆŒ€็€ๆค€ๆผ€ๆธ€ไฐ€ๆค€ๆธ€ๆ”€ฤ€๏ผ€ไŒ’ไŒ€ๆผ€ๆธ€็Œ€็€็ˆ€็”€ๆŒ€็€ๆค€ๆผ€ๆธ€ๅ€€ๆผ€ๆค€ๆธ€็€๏ผ€ไŒ†ไŒ€็”€็ˆ€็˜€ๆ”€ะ€๏ผ€ไŒไ€ๆ”€ๆ˜€ๆค€ๆธ€ๆค€็€ๆค€ๆผ€ๆธ€ไฐ€ๆค€็Œ€็€๏ผ€ไŒ„ไ€ๆค€ๆˆ€ฬ€๏ผ€โ€

This is from GitHub if that makes any difference?

That looks like you are trying to view the contents of a .skp file using a text editor. A .skp file is not text, it is binary. You have to open it using SketchUp.

How can I do that if there is no file to download? (Sorry if this is a ridiculously dumb question, iโ€™m very new to github and sketchup!)

OK, youโ€™ve lost me. What are you looking at on GitHub and how? The GitHub interface normally has click points to download files from a repository.

There is what Iโ€™m trying to use from GitHub, I figured there would be a click point to download it but unless Iโ€™m missing something really obvious, there is not. What should I do?

just right click to download the linked file instead of opening it in a new pageโ€ฆ


I tried this, but every time I try to open it I get an error message saying โ€œThis does not appear to be a SketchUp model!โ€

It appears that the author has designated the file as text not binary in GitHub, and that makes it very difficult to download it correctly!

I just tried as well and it failed,โ€ฆ

BUT, if you download the repository, itโ€™s fineโ€ฆ


Sorry, you kinda lost me at repository? How do I do that?

Following Johnโ€™s idea, here you are:

kanto_pokedex_iPhone6S_sketchup_v2.skp (406.9 KB)

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Perfect! Thank you for the help guys!!