I have a file that closes LayOut immediately when I open it

I have a SketchUp (Layout) file that immediately closes SketchUp when I open it. Is it corrupt, and how do I fix it?

Is it a SketchUp file or a LayOut file?

What is the graphics card in your computer. They all have one so “Yes” isn’t the answer to that in your profile.

Share the file so we can see what you’ve got going on.

It’s a Layout file. I have an Intel UHD graphics card.

Here’s a link to the file - too large to upload.


You need to give access to the file.

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Sorry - should be accessible now.

Please correct your profile with that information including the model number of the card.

Integrated Intel graphics cards aren’t particularly well suited for SketchUp and LayOut and have never been recommended. Still, once you make the file accessible, we’ll take a look and see what we see.

It took a while to open on my computer but once it opened it seems to be working fine. There’s a lot of images there for your graphics card to handle. I sampled a bunch of them and those are all much larger than they need to be for the way you are using them. You could edit those photos and reduce their size which would help to give graphics card handle them. Here’s an example. At the resolution of the image it should be 7.4 inches square but it’s much smaller on your page so it could be reduced. It’s also a little distorted considering the original image is square.
Screenshot - 9_29_2022 , 9_49_49 PM

It’s unusual that you are using screen shots from SketchUp instead of actually inserting the SketchUp file the way it’s intended to work.

Thank you! Intel Graphics card is UHD Graphics 620. Are you able to send me a zipped or condensed file I can open with this card?

Of your LayOut file? I can export a PDF of it. You can probably open that. I’m afraid I haven’t got time to go through the images in your document and resize those that need it.

Thank you - pdf would be great, and I will resize images going forward.

OK. Here you go. Might be a good idea to look into getting a computer with a suitable graphics card.

galli 092922.pdf (13.3 MB)

Thank you! I will do that.

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Do you have any recommendations for graphics cards?

Generally Nvidia GeForce or GTX-series cards have proven to be the most dependable as far as OpenGL support goes. If you get something with a reasonably recent GTX-series card you should do well.

Awesome - thanks so much for your help!

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You’re quite welcome.

I have a file, I can open it wit layout2021 but i need to open it with layout2022.
When opening the file, layout2022 closes immidiately, no bugsplat
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the size is 98 MB to big to import

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