Layout won't open file. Is it corrupted. Please help

Is the file corrupted? Can anyone help?

Looks like the file is indeed corrupted. It may be that someone on the LayOut team can open it but most likely you will probably need to start a new file.

Alrighty. Thanks so much.

among other issues, the file has a large corrupt ‘screenshot’…

the other screenshots are also unoptimised and way in at 19 MB

you also seem to have 5 versions of the same, almost 600MB, skp file?

and some views seem to have been modified inside LO rather than SU…

even if it was one, my computer would struggle to open it…


John’s findings indicate you could use some improvement in your work flow. For one thing you shouldn’t have 5 copies of the same SketchUp file in your LayOut file. There should only be one instance. Very likely your SketchUp file needs a good purging of unused stuff. You also shouldn’t be modifying scenes in LayOut. This can create a number of different problems for you.

Is there any way to get at least part of it back?

That makes a lot of sense. I think I was utilizing it for an unintended purpose?

What purpose?

As for getting it back, I think it would be easiest if you fix the original SketchUp file and optimize the original image files and start a new document. It’s easy enough to pry into a LayOut file to see what’s in it but to get it to open and repair it is another story.

Ah I now understand. So it’s not that I was using it for an unintended purpose. I was creating multiple versions of the same file because for some reason it was not letting me make alterations to certain scenes without it altering all other scenes. I see now how that could be a large issue creating different versions of that large file.

here are the rescued optimised images, one is missing… (3.3 MB)

everything else should be in the skp file for reconstructing in LO…


To me that implies you weren’t setting things up correctly in SketchUp. Probably need to go back to the SketchUp file and get that sorted out after you purge it of the unused stuff.

Thank you so much! I really appreciate it!

Thank you! Yeah, I need to go back and reevaluate how I created the original model. Thank you both for helping me improve and get this sorted. I really appreciate it.

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if your initial intent was storyboarding, then LO is very good at it…

one of it’s original objectives was to go hand in hand with ACT for set design…

but you need lean models with well setup scenes and good layer organisation…

from the images the model should be a tenth of it’s current size…


I had looked at the file too, and just deleted the corrupt screenshot. I also replaced all of the SKPs with a small file of the same name. Reduced the layout file down to 20 MB. It still wouldn’t open.