Layout 2020 crashing while opening

As I open my layout 2020 file, it crashes the program and closes with no error codes or bug splats. Why?

What graphics card? When you installed SketchUp and LayOut did you right click on the downloaded installer and choose Run as administrator or did you just double click on the installer file?

Can you share the LO file so we can see what you are working with?

I am using Windows 10 on a ThinkPad laptop. This is what it says when I google it.
“The Intel Core i7 version that runs on an Intel 10th Gen processor comes with 16GB of LPDDR3 memory, a 256GB SSD M.2 PCIe-NVME, and Integrated Intel UHD graphics .”

I’ve got the file. Since it has client and other info in it, you might want to edit the post and remove the link or the whole world will have it.

Intel integrated graphics have never been recommended for SketchUp and LayOut. Let me take a look and see if I can find anything obvious, though. The file opened just fine in LO2021 for me.

Ok, deleting post now, can you figure out why it won’t open?

I’m looking through it now. I see a bad reference. It’s the one that shows only as a slash in References.

It’s supposed to be a SketchUp file.

It’s used on the next page, too.

There are also quite a few unused references in the file, too. After purging the unused references the list is considerably reduced.

More to come as I dig further. I think the bad reference is the culprit, though.

Is there a way for me to delete the bad reference without being able to open it in LayOut?

Well, maybe but I’ll do it and send you back the file in a little bit.

FWIW, I opened the other SketchUp reference file. I fixed the incorrect tag usage (ALL edges and faces should be created and left untagged).
Screenshot - 4_27_2021 , 4_07_51 PM

And I purged unused stuff from the file.
Screenshot - 4_27_2021 , 4_08_16 PM

This reduced that SketchUp file’s size by almost 92%.

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You’re a life saver thank you!

I’ll send it to you in a private message in a moment. FWIW, the cleanup I did resulted in about 91% file size reduction in the LayOut file, too.

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I have seen you post before showing these screenshots when you fix file. Which tools are you using ?
I tried model info- purge unused, and purge unused components, purge tags, and cleanup3 but I dont see the same popup messages you show.

BTW- Between myself and Zach, this is the first double Z post I have ever seen.


The purging thing I do with TIG’s Purge Unused so I can get the report to show how much has been purged. For the Tags thing, I use TIG’s Default Tag Geometry (used to be Default Layer Geometry. I do use CleanUp3 sometimes, too but I have that set up to merge coplanar faces and often I don’t want to eliminate those edges. I could turn that off but since the other two plugins do the trick, I just use them.

Don’t you mean ‘triple-Z’?

Looking at the screenshots, the referenced files seem to reside in your AppData or ProgramData folder. Am I seeing copy/pasted images and SketchUp models? You shouldn’t do that, but use the Insert command. I don’t mean the texture images, they come from where they should.

The ones from Program Data are pattern files and such. I think most of those odd paths are due to me opening the file on my computer.

Thanks Dave. I was not aware of those extensions by TIG. I will take a look.

I was just counting the Z in the circled profile symbol. Lets wait for another Z profile to drop by for the triple Z.

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