I didn't upgrade my 2018 Sketchup Pro Perpetual license... what to do?

I plan to reformat my computer and reinstall Sketchup… The downloads section only has Sketchup 2019 and later.

What to do?

Download V 2018 from here.

Please do not create double topic.

deactivate the license by “SketchUp > License…” before doing changes to the hardware and/or the operating system.

Sorry, I got a ‘blocked/barred’ type screen after trying to post it the first time. Not a ‘pending approval’ type thing… so I tried again, and same response… Was surprised to find both posts got through eventually.

I think my problem is sorted, I downloaded a 2018 installer, from a link I found here.

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Check your other post. You do have a 2019 license, that I have had sent to you.