I can't update

I can’t download the tutorials I was linked to by a member. I’m running version 8 15158. It says I need to download version 16 but I’m getting the error “was unable to obtain the latest version information”

The “automatically check for updates” box is ticked.

Or are there older files I can download?

The available free desktop version is Sketchup 2016 Make which for hobbyist use should be fine and will open the tutorial files. Get it from sketchup.com/download/all

I already have the Pro version so don’t want to install another version and take up valuable disk space mate.

Then use the free web version to open the tutorial files, mate. Or upgrade to the current Pro version.

Here is a set of files in both 2016 format and SketchUp 8 format. I left the 2016 version ones in there in case you do update to 2017 at some point. For SketchUp 8, go into the associated folder for that lesson, and take the file where I added “v8” to the file name.

There is a chance that the lessons will include features that were added after SketchUp 8, but I don’t think there are many like that.

SketchUp_Fundamentals.zip (9.1 MB)

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