I can't open my file

I can’t open file . Please help me …

What version of SketchUp are you actually using? Your profile says SketchUp for Schools which is web based and it says 2021.

Your file is huge but it does open for me. I’ll see what I can do to make it behave better.

First thing I see is incorrect tag usage. Untagged should be left active at all times. As your model opens:
Screenshot - 5_31_2023 , 10_57_23 AM

After fixing the incorrect tag usage.
Screenshot - 5_31_2023 , 10_58_16 AM

Some stuff to be purged.
Screenshot - 5_31_2023 , 10_59_38 AM

More to come.

A second purge got rid of more unused stuff.
Screenshot - 5_31_2023 , 11_06_47 AM

A load of excessively large materials.

There are many texture images that seem to be duplicates. You shoud go through them and consolidate them.

After all that cleanup file size is reduced by 31% but it is still a huge file. Much larger than it needs to be.

I’ll upload the file and share the link. If you can get it open you should first take time to streamline it further. Strip out the unneeded details and look at replacing the hevy entourage components with lighter ones.

And here’s the link to the still huge file. If you really are using SketchUp for Schools, I expect you will still have issues but maybe you can get it to open.

Your machine is made of stronger stuff than mine. It was in (not responding) limbo for about 5 full minutes before finally giving the “Unexpected File Format” error.

It’s old and stubborn and doesn’t know when to quit. :smiley: So far no magic smoke has been released, though.

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