Corrupted file, Help

Hello I think my file is corrupted and I need to open it. I can´t open it, only in sketchup viewer
Can someone help me please?

If it opens in SketchUp Viewer the files is probably ok. Can you post the file somewhere for us to check?

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Yes, In skp viewer I can open the file but in skp normally in the pc appears this message only “can’t open document” and I need to close the file

This is a wetransfer link, to open the file

Due to the large size and complexity of that file (over 38 million edges and 20 million faces) the file took a long time to open and caused SketchUp to take 14GB of memory, but after that seemed to be ok though sluggish, again due to the extreme size. How much RAM do you have in your computer? You could be running out!


I have 32 GB, What can I do?

Sad to say, if you can’t open it not much. But if somehow you do, I’d suggest taking a close look at all the decorative details (“entourage”) and simplifying or eliminating a lot of it. I noticed some palm trees, which are notorious for bloat but I don’t have time to do a deep analysis now.

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Your model is definitely not corrupted but itis what might be called morbidly obese.

I fixed incorrect tag usage. All edges and faces should be untagged. Only groups and components should have tags applied to them.
Screenshot - 11_28_2022 , 5_58_41 PM

I purged unused stuff from the model. There’s a lot of unused stuff so it took a long time.
Screenshot - 11_28_2022 , 6_20_46 PM

I also Reduced the size of a bunch of overside textures. There are many that appear to be duplicates and could stand consolidation but I didn’t do that. The simple cleanup reduced the file size by about 25%. More could and should be done to reduce the file size.

Entourage like the palm trees mentioned by @slbaumgartner certainly don’t help. Just one panel of those umbrellas is almost 110 thousand entities. As a part of the entire model, that’s a crazy investment in edges and faces.

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Hello, thank you. I couldn´t open it and clean it anymore. I know how much weight it had but it was very affected. Thank you so much. Could you share the clean file with me to see if it´s possible for me to open now?

It still needs quite a bit of work but hopefully you can open it.

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