I can't connect all my pcs on the 3D Warehouse at the same time


I’m having a problem to connect all my pcs (10 students licences) on the 3D Warehouse at the same time.
Some of them connect and the others get locked in the process of loading the 3D warehouse windows in a blank windows.
To solve it, I aks my students to close and save the file and then restar the project, some times it works, some times no.
Please help.



Can they connect in the browser? They could always upload / download from there. They can also use Window->Components and search 3dwarehouse from there for downloads. Here’s a couple of the crazy issues we’ve had. Search this forum for them:

  1. Comcast filtering.
  2. Windows Security set too high. SketchUp 8 and 2013 go to Google and get forwarded to us. This will end on June 1st.

It’s difficult to troubleshoot everyone’s internet, but we’ll try.

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