Warehouse lost connection

Hi! I just installed my 2021 sketchup pro free trial, and I already started having problems with the 3D Warehouse.

I can open it, search and upload to my file, right? But I can do it just one time… Let me explain: after uploading a component, and try to search again another one, I get an error about the warehouse needing internet connection for working. I have to close the program and open it again to function. So every time I want to search a 2nd time, it doesn’t work.

My internet connection is fine. It’s not the problem. I have Windows 10 and the most recent sketchup version.

Did you install SketchUp correctly? That involves right clicking on the downloaded installer and choosing Run as administrator.

Yes, of course. I already uninstalled and reinstalled it again. Apparently it works, but if my pc goes to sleep while I’m absent for a moment, when I return it happens again. I have to close sketchup and open it again.

Did you do it correctly using the right click on the downloaded installer and Run as administrator?

Yes, I did.

I’ve been dealing with a similar issue intermittently since 2021 came out. already had tech support from my IP and Virus protection take control of my computer and said it wasn’t any of that. Been using Google and then saving to your component folder but every extra click takes time and effort. Everything but this seems to work ok.

Thanks, B