Warehouse Connection Issue

Recently, with SU 2022 and now with SU 2023, which I only just upgraded moments ago, I am getting an error of "no internet connection’ when attempting to open the 3D warehouse or the Extensions Warehouse. I have to exit my session and then reopen SU, then try again and it works. I can’t tell if this is a bug or something on my end that might be causing interference. I have a persistent internet connection in my home and of course, it works just fine, but for SU to give me this error now everytime I open SU and need to use either the 3D warehouse or the extensions warehouse, it’s really more of an annoyance than anything, but as it goes, I always like to know what is causing the problem.

bing.com is used to test whether you are online. If that has problems loading you can change it to something else.

Read this article:

Look in the page for “Alternatively, if you would like to change the URL that SketchUp uses to test connectivity”

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