"the warehouse requires an internet connection"

Have encountered a new problem with SU. I cannot open the 3D warehouse. Gets a prompt saying I don’t have internet, which I do. I am connected to the server and I can run Diffusion.
I can use warehouse online but not through SU.
Have restarted the program, the computer, the router.
Have downloaded the latest version of SU again and reinstalled.
Have tested two different networks.

Finding many solutions for SU 2018 online but nothing working for me. Any suggestions?


The 3D Warehouse hasn’t supported SketchUp 2019 for several years. The UI for the Warehouse in SketchUp 2019 will not work anymore. In order to use components from the 3D Warehouse you will need to go to it in your Internet browser and download the Collada version, unzip the file and extract the contents. Then import the.dae file.

Thanks for your reply but I’m not on SU18.

I wrote 2019 because that’s what your profile says. Fix it please.

I wrote
“Have downloaded the latest version of SU again and reinstalled.” in my post.
I’m not a “Sage” and doesn’t update my SketchUp Profile Regulary. Didn’t even know I had one…

You created a profile when you signed up for the forum. We use that information to help you but if it’s wrong, that makes it harder for us to help.

Did you install SketchUp 2023 correctly? That requires right clicking on the installer exe and choosing Run as Administrator.

Do you have a firewall, antivirus program or a popup blocker that might be preventing SketchUp from accessing the 3D Warehouse?

I installed it as administrator. Haven’t had any problems with warehouse before three days ago. Have used SU for 15 years and have used this laptop for two years now and made no changes.

Haven’t done anything with firewalls or antivirus.

It also takes an unusually long time to start SU. About 30 seconds before toolbars and trays pop up.