Problemas conectando a 3D Warehouse

Soy usuario de Sketchup 2018 Pro y desde hace unos días no puedo conectarme con el 3D Warehouse ni con el Extension Warehouse para descargar componentes o extensiones y recibo una advertencia de que debo conectarme a Internet. Sin embargo si estoy con conexión a Internet y puedo navegar en otros programas sin problemas.
¿Alguien mas tiene ese problema?
Favor su ayuda gracias


I am a Sketchup 2018 Pro user and I have not been able to connect to the 3D Warehouse or the Extension Warehouse to download components or extensions for a few days and I receive a warning that I need to connect to the Internet. However, if I am connected to the Internet and I can navigate in other programs without problems.
Does anyone else have that problem?
Please your help thank you

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Hello all
I have tried all the recomendations that are on the forum but I still receive the message about an Internet problem and cannot connect to the 3D warehouse and Extension warehouse too.
Is there somebody else the have the same problem?
I have connected my PC to other diferents networks and no way. It is assumed that SU 2018 still can connect to those sites.
Is the 3d warehouse page down?

You should be able to connect to the 3D Warehouse and Extension Warehouse with SketchUp 2018. Keep in mind that as of 11 August, the 3D Warehouse no longer converts components/models to version 2018 or 2017. See this:

As indicated in that link, you would need to go to the 3D Warehouse via your web browser and download the Collada file for the component you’re after and then import that into SketchUp.

Thanks a lot Dave

I could Import the .DAE file from the web page but cannot connect from inside Sketchup 2018.


Sergio Majluf


The thing is, it really won’t make much difference since you won’t be able to download the .dae file without using your browser.