I bought a new computer and cannot log into or out of my account or get Sketchup to work

I bought a new computer and cannot get Sketchup to work. It says I have too many log ins?

Go to the old computer and sign out of SketchUp. Are you still using SketchUp 2021 as in your profile?

I have a guide to deactivate here
How to manage your Subscription Activations | Elmtec SketchUp (elmtec-sketchup.co.uk)

I am using 2023. I did sign out of Sketchup on my old computer but, I still had the same result on my new computer. I just get in an endless loop telling me to log out, then in, then out.

I did log out of Sketchup on my old computer. I am using Sketchup 2023 on both computers.

Please correct your forum profile. It’s out of date.
Screenshot - 3_8_2023 , 6_27_41 PM

Log into your account at connect.trimble.com and go to your account management page. Under the Products find SketchUp. Click on Manage Devices and deauthorize all of them…

Then open SketchUp on the new machine and sign in.