I am unable to save layout files to google drive on my Mac

When I try to save a layout file to my google drive on my work Mac (this works fine on my PC at home though) I get the following message;

es@gmail.com/.shortcut-targets-by-id/1GSrATPEctyAW5YnzvMnYPKLqev2HJx8s/EW|Design/Firemans Pole Specs.layout cannot be used.
Try using another name, without punctuation marks.

Like I said I have no trouble doing this at home on my PC, my two colleagues who also use Macs have the same issue.

Any Ideas?

Thanks in advance


In general, it is better to save locally then to upload / update on a drive

Now, have you tried a name without spaces ?

Thanks for the tip
I just tried saving without spaces but that didn’t help unfortunately, I can save .skp files to the same google drive just fine but not the layout files…

As @ateliernab wrote, it’s not a good idea to save your LayOut (or SketchUp) files directly to your Google Drive. You should be saving to your internal drive and then sync to the cloud. Saving directly to and working on files that are saved in the cloud is risky. There are numerous reports of corrupted files because of this. It doesn’t apply to just LayOut and SketchUp files, either.

Can you save the LayOut file to your internal drive and then sync it to Google Drive or do you still get the message?

What is the exact entire path you are trying to use? Does it include .shortcuts-targets-by-id? If so, perhaps there’s the punctuation that isn’t permitted.

maybe an issue with the .layout extension then ?

It’s used in several other softwares, and has been in more over the time.

Get rid of the pipe|



I have my google drive mounted as a disk in my mac and am saving it through that, I cant have a copy of the work drive on my computer as it is too big because we have a lot of models and adobe files in it.

I can upload files into the drive and can open them but not save them again once i have opened them, I have to save them locally then upload again, its a fine work around but it would be nice to be able to save directly for speed as we tend to save versions of our work quite frequently and its good if everyone in the company can access it.



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Hi Mike,

That worked! Nice one.

Thanks everyone for your help :slight_smile:



well spotted !

I read it as a / the first time.

I have had a few issues with other programs not liking them either…