Trouble saving Layout files

I am muddling my way through learning Layout to assemble a set of construction plans. I’ve been working both on my MacBook Air and iMac, but have been working on my MacBook at another job site this week, and regularly saving my file to the cloud. When I look at iCloud drive on my iMac the files haven’t been appearing, instead they are showing up in documents titled Houston Plans.layout with the kind of file being TextEdit. If I email the file to myself it also shows up not as a file, but as a document. Any suggestions?

The standard advice is to not save your files directly to the cloud. Instead save them on your local (internal) drive and then only sync files out to the cloud keeping the original on your computer. Try that and see what you get.

FWIW, you can see numerous threads here where files are being corrupted when users try saving to and working on files that are stored only in the cloud.

Thanks Dave, I’ll give it a try. Apologies for my lack of computer abilities, but after saving it, how do I then sync it so it can open on my other computer?
That also might explain why the wall lines of my floor plan didn’t show up when I was able to open a file from the cloud, but all of the text and dimensions did?

Generally you would open the cloud location either in Finder or via your Internet browser and then drag and drop or copy and paste your files there.

Thanks…my brain is feeling fried from all of this learning. It’s good for me right?!
I’ve really been appreciating all of your great input on so many SU & LO topics, I have learned a lot from you. Cheers, Tracy

:smiley: I think it’s supposed to be.

Happy if I can help. Good luck.


I copied the file to iCloud, and it finally appeared as a .layout file instead of TextEdit, so thanks for that tip! But, when I open the file on my iMac, all of the wall lines are gone, but everything else is there. Suggestions?

Never mind. I sent the file to myself, opened it on my MacBook, and it would open there with the walls intact. Maybe my iMac just needs a restart.

Out of curiosity are you running 19.3 on both machines?

And also out of curiosity, are you making sure that the scenes in LayOut’s SketchUp Model panel are not showing as modified?

Yes, 19.3 on both, and Catalina OS. I made the very big mistake of installing both upgrades on the same day.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
I have no idea what changed, but I was suddenly able to see the walls the next time I opened the file on my iMac. But yes, I’ve been checking the model panel. Thanks!!

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Actually, I just noticed that it’s 19.2…

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It would be interesting to see one of your LO files that has the missing lines. If you would share it but don’t want to make it public, you could send it via a private message by clicking on my avatar or name.