Please find a way to manage cloud-based files from Layout - as they don't get downloaded when required

When I select “Open Recent Files…” and choose a recent file that also happens to be one the iCloud has decided to store in the cloud to manage space on my hard drive…Layout doesn’t know to request a download when trying to open it. This might also occur with other cloud storage services, like OneDrive, Dropbox, etc. I don’t know.

The problem goes away when I download the file first.

The much bigger problem is that when those files that are stored in the cloud are one of those linked to the layout document (an image, a model, etc) - Layout doesn’t know how to cope with that, when it cannot load them. I think it is at the core of the occasional hangs and crashes.

The only option I seem to have is to go to the Document Info and track down each reference/linked file and then manually go and download it.

Please find a way to manage the cloud-based files that are related to your layout files.

don’t store them only in cloud. that’s the only actual good thing to do.

store copies, as a backup, but it’s a general rule of life, don’t ONLY store in cloud. keep your workfiles local.
data can be corrupted. you can loose your connexion. or they can have server issues. or lock you out, or change their economic model, or…

Besides, with SU comes Trimble Connect, an integrated cloud tool that allows you to upload and download files from within.
so if you really want to cloudify your workfiles, try it.
But even then, here is my advice, don’t JUST have your files in a cloud, have them on your hard drive as well. And I’m not just talking Sketchup here.


I agree. I only use cloud based services for backup. Working on local files will always be faster and more stable with any program.


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