Sketchup layout question?

Hi folks, I am attaching 2 print screens of an issue I am having trying to open a layout file I had saved in google drive. I have no problem opening the SU files but when I try to open a layout file I get what you see in the attached pics I have attached.

I am not sure how to access these layout files?

thanks for your help! Probably something really easy? :slight_smile:

You need to download it, google doesn’t have a plugin to show .layout files, which is basically a comprised folder of references.
You just see what’s in it.

If you download and change the extension to .zip instead of . layout you see the same

Somehow, indeed, Google Drive has seen your .layout file for what it is, ie a zip archive in disguise. As Mike says, download it to your local hard drive.
Even generally it is not a good idea to open LayOut and SketchUp files directly from synced cloud storage. Any glitch in your Internet connection when the file is open or saved may cause the file to get corrupted and become totally unusable.

Great stuff!! Thank you guys!