Write Permissions Drama

I am having issues with write permissions on LayOut. It doesn’t happen every time that I save, but it happens many times a day and is very frustrating. The files are saved in Google Drive, and my coworkers who use Macs (I use a PC with Windows 10) are not having the same problem. This only started happening in the last month or two and seems to be happening more frequently now. I followed the suggestions on the forum (checking permissions in the program files), but that hasn’t worked. I have been saving the files with a different name, but that is causing confusion when my coworkers try to access drawings that I have worked onWrite permissions

Please help, this is driving me crazy!

The general advice is to save to a local directory and sync the file s to your Google or Drop box folder.

Sometimes the save time is just too long when you try saving to the cloud directly. When it is, the process times out.

I don’t know if that would work with the way that we save and use our files, it would likely lead to confusion. This is a recent issue too, maybe the problem is with Drive?

If you search the forum you will find other similar reports and same advice to save locally. This isn’t new but you may be seeing it more if there’s a firewall slowing things down or some other obstacle.

Thanks Dave, I’ve looked at those postings, but they weren’t helpful for me. I’m going to try downloading a different version of Google Drive to see if that works.

Good luck. You may just have to accept that long write times during saves will potentially create errors.

It looks like they’ve come out with “Google Drive Stream” for businesses, I think I’ve been having this issue since I downloaded the “Backup and Sync” App a few months ago. I’ll post here if downloading the drive stream works in case others are having the same problem with SketchUp/LayOut on Drive.

Thanks again!

The LayOut team is aware of this issue - we would love to fix this. I can’t promise anything, but keep an eye on release notes for any future releases of LayOut.

The underlying issue is that LayOut touches the file before saving to make sure that it’s writable. Google drive sees this and temporarily locks the file while it makes sure that the file is up to date. In the meantime, LayOut tries to proceed with the save process, which then fails because Google Drive locked the file. We have some ideas about how to guarantee that the file is writable without triggering this file lock in Google Drive.


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That is great news! I use layout more than any other program on my computer when I’m at work, so I really appreciate hearing from you :slight_smile:

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