I am not able to open the downloaded Sketch up or communicate with a Sketch up human

Hello Folks,

My client has paid for Sketch Up Pro so I can access it and work as a designer remotely but when I try and open the downloaded app it says I need to change the subscription to ‘classic licence’. We do not have this option, it is not mentioned anywhere and we have no ‘serial number’ to enter into the box (as prompted). I am extremely frustrated as I have a deadline and need the app but we are not able to use it. Please may a Sketch Up person contact me ASAP at rachael@rachaelclegg.com?

Thank you,

The add a classic license link is for people who do have a Classic license. You do have a Pro subscription assigned to the email address you gave, and so you would use the Sign In button, then sign in with that email address.

Do you see a Sign In button in the welcome screen? If you don’t, click on the avatar in the upper right of that window, and check which email address you are signed in under. If it isn’t the email you gave, sign out, then sign in with the right email address.

Dear Colin!

Thanks so much for your email!

I have got it up and running now but if it fails again I’ll try this.

Many thanks!


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