Opening classic licence


after some advice i haven’t purchased a new subscription and will continue with my old classic liscnce.

however when I now try to open a file a window pops up only offering me to sign up for a trial and I cant open my original files…

any idea the best way to open my old files?


Have you downloaded and installed a more recent version of SU? Could be your files are trying to open with that. Open the version of SketchUp you have a classic license for (20? 21?) directly from the icon for the application, sign in, then try File>Open. Does that work?

It’s likely to be what endlessfix said. You did do a trial, that expires in a week from now. You should be able to continue to use the 2023 version until then, but after that you’ll need to make sure you’re back on 2021.

And while still using the 2023 trial, remember to save your models back to the version you have the classic licence for. (Though from v 2021 the files are supposed to be backwards compatible.)