I am getting this message I have succeeded my allotment, when I upgraded Sketchup. It is on my laptop?

OK? Should have known upgrading would be the usual nightmare it always is? God forbid it is like the old days when you download the upgrade and it takes four to five minutes tops. I do not understand Trimble’s ■■■■ retentive attitude and makes it so difficult? Charges Gas Prices to do it? I have the upgrade on ONE computer how can I exceed my seats?

Being signed in with 2019, 2020, or 2021, would count against your sign-ins for 2022. Try opening 2020 or 2021 and make sure to sign out before closing SketchUp. Then in 2022 you may need to sign out and in again for the system to see that you have spare activations available.

Thanks for responding Colin, if you remember it took almost the better part of a month for me to get 2021 upgrade to work? I have tried what your suggesting. The programmers have made it obsolete for my 5 year old desktop as it is not cannot be upgraded to the new Mac OS. I hesitate to delete 2021 from the laptop, then I would be without any Sketchup on my laptop. The 2021 version is not on or active on the desktop either when I am trying to activate the new one? You think just because it is on the laptop it thinks it running?

Don’t delete SketchUp at all, just open any version that is installed on either computer, and sign out. Then close that version. Once you are signed out from all versions that are still installed, open the version you want to use, and sign in on that one.

If that is still not working out, follow the steps in this help article:

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So far Colin, nothing worked, I don’t understand if I was not logged into my desktop Sketchup, and obviously did not have 2021 open at the time? How would it know that I am exceeding my license? I followed the instruction but still getting the blocking message. This is very frustrating. I can’t be the only one having this problem, although it seems like they love to antagonize me when ever I upgrade??

Check mail.

Colin, It did, the manage activation’s, give me a plan administrator this morning, I will try that. Thanks, Extremely Frustrated Steve