I am a student and I need help!

Hello everyone! I have stumbled upon a problem while building my project. I am making a building and have finished my outer walls and floor. Allthough whenever I tried making a door into my inner walls I get a "Offset limited to … " error. I’ve tried the CRTL key but it didn’t help. I know there is probably something in the way (which causes the PP to give this error) but I don’t know where. Any help is appreciated! Thanks in advance!

-Sincerely a concerned student xD
jaarproject.skp (11.7 MB)

I looks as if some of your walls are ever so slightly off-axis. PP won’t work if the two wall faces aren’t parallel. There are some workarounds, but in the long run you’re probably better off redrawing the walls Use the arrow keys on the keypad, in conjunction with the line tool, to keep everything coplanar. Right arrow to constrain movement parallel to the red axis; left arrow for the green axis; and the up arrow for the blue axis.

Indeed, your walls are not square. Open model info and turn off length snapping (in introduces errors) and turn up display precision to see how random your wall thicknesses are. Leave these settings like this, display precision has nothing to do with model dimensions, it only affects the rounding of the displayed dimensions and lets you see errors easier.

As @davidheim1 says, best to start the walls over. When laying out the walls take care that you see the red or green inference color on your lines. This indicates that the line you are drawing is aligned with the axis and will help keep your walls square. You can also lock axis direction using the arrow keys on the keyboard, however I did the walls below with inference only.

Okay! Thanks a lot guys! Will try this now :))

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