I'm working on doors and windows and my offset is being limited and not allowing pp,

MODEL 712.skp (4.1 MB)
I think there might be an issue with my groups. As I try to explode and regroup my walls to create my doorways I’m finding nothing but roadblocks.

You could benefit yourself by spending some time at The SketchUp Campus. This is a site that will provide the basics for learning the SketchUp modeling process. Also, spend some time at the SketchUp SketchUp YouTube site. It provides much information including how to use each tool.

What version of SketchUp are you really using? There is no “Free Plan” of SketchUp 2024 as your profile shows.

I see you have some incorrect tag usage. ALL edges and faces should be created and remain untagged.
Screenshot - 6_1_2024 , 9_42_20 AM

You also have excessive nesting of groups. There’s no need to put a group inside a group iniside a group …
Screenshot - 6_1_2024 , 9_41_54 AM
This is getting in the way of creating the opening the way you need them.

Also there’s no reason to explode a group in order to edit the geometry inside it. Just open the group for editing.

As @RLGL advised, spend some time going through the instruction materials at the links he provided.