Hydraulic piston MSPhysics

Hello everyone I am trying to make Forestry grapple
And everything was working fine until I add the piston
All the axis works Properly When I don’t use the piston but since I add the piston and I am trying to move it with the servo I find many problems and like nothing to work properly

I’ll give you this video to show what happen
thanks for your help

pine forum.skp

VIDEO - Facebook

No video uploaded.

Can you share the model too (the .skp file)? You may need to make a separate post - as a new member of the forum, you are limited to one image or upload per post.

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Thanks John, I managed to upload the file
And you can also see the video

So I did takeoff the piston, to try to start everything again… and I find that the axes doesn’t move even without the piston.

I don’t understand what I did wrong?

I just copy / paste a new file and it works fine.

Untitled.skp (379.8 KB)


Hi thanks for your interest, yes I did the same… but I still don’t understand why doesn’t work in the original file :man_shrugging: