MSPhysics -- Slide and pin motion help

SlideAndPin.skp (82.0 KB)

I’m trying to simulate a slide that’s constrained to follow a guide pin. The slide is attached to a plate that rotates (using a servo). All of this mechanism sits on top of a table that’s a static mesh.

Things kinda work for me; as I rotate the plate, the guide tries to constrain it’s motion about the pin but some instability causes it to stop colliding.

Please educate me on what I’m doing wrong. All suggestions are welcome.

Might it be that the corner of the rotating plate needs a radius so it doesnt collide with the rail?

I made some edits, it works now. But it doesn’t work properly. If you ask the question “”, you can find a better solution.
SlideAndPin-ecati.skp (81.0 KB)

Oh my … the upload must have failed. In the model I thought I posted, the two parts that you show colliding actually are connected through the slide so they rotate together. As the servo rotates CCW, the two pieces connected by the slide with translate with respect to each other since the one in the foreground is constrained by the pin.


Nice job, ecati. Can you give me a hint as to what you changed? My guess is that your selection of the “State” settings might have been the solution.

I did a four-step correction. I’m specifying these corrections in the image and in the attached file.
SlideAndPin-ecati.skp (78.7 KB)

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Thank you very much @ecati, your solution helped me to understand MSPhysics a little better!