HowTo: Create many shapes along a path

How would I go about creating a number of shapes along a path? for example, If I was to create an outline of a shape, but wanted to place a circle of a given size ‘n’ number of times an even distance (or defined distance) apart from each other along that path, what would be the best way to go about doing that?

depends on the path…

add an example skp file…


It could be as simple as a circle, square, and arch or a line… For example… If I had an outline of a face that had eyes and a mouth. And I wanted to make that face to be done in circles (dots) that were spaced equally apart. Thats what I was thinking… Test.skp (18.3 KB)

Lets say the face in the file was 40" tall and 40" wide… and I needed to put 8mm holes approximately 1 - 1 1/2" apart from each other so that they became the outline of the eyes and nose and not the path lines…

How about using Copyalongcurve which is available in the Extension Warehouse.?

Also, because of the simple structure and regularity of what you want you could use ‘radial’ and ‘linear’ Arrays.

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@gizmohd I should have mentioned arrays. I probably wrongly assumed the shapes would be more complex than the example. Use the native tools if you can.