Path along Curve between start and end point

Hi guys,

I am looking for a tool or an extension to optimally place the seats in my stadium. For this purpose, the object (the seat) should be distributed equally on a curve.
The seat should dock at the stairs. At the start and end points of the curve. In between the seats should be distributed in the same distances. Preferably as many as possible, just before they would overlap.

In the perfect case it looks like in the second screenshort. This is what I put together manually.

I already tried the usual “Objects along Path” extensions. JHS -Powerbar, +Components, PathCopy, etc… Always with the result that it is not distributed between start to end point.

Do you know an extension? Is there a trick?
Thanks for the help! :slightly_smiling_face:

Don’t need an extension
This is the perfect application of Rotate/copy
Q Ctrl using the spaced equally between two points option.
You’ll need a center point to reference for the rotation part. Ctrl adds copy to the rotate tool.

Use.: place the first seat at the proper angle at one end. Select the seat. Pick Rotate (Q). Pick the point of rotation (center point)
Pull out a base line as a reference line
Pull out the rotation, then tap CTRL to start making copies
Drag the first copy out along to the position you want the last set. Once set, type in x/, where x is the total number of copies you want minus 1.

Check the SU HELP SITE and YOU TUBE for more

This seems elaborate but not really as difficult as it seems. See if you can find a video on the SU videos and/or on YouTube regarding the rotate tool and it’s extended usages.

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Provided your seats are positioned in a perfect circle you could use rotate copy, although it can be tricky to set exact linear distances between seats using degrees.

You might have a look at PathCopy which allows you to select a path and place repeat objects along it at preset intervals while automatically rotating each object to sit square with the selected paths. Study the directions carefully and be exact in setting up the axis of your chair component as the extension uses component axis to orient the instances.

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Since your curve actually consists of two segments

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Hi all, thank you so much for the tips!
Unfortunately I have already tried everything suggested :confused:

@cakrupp You can work with the rotation tool, but then the objects are not on the edge.
@endlessfix PathCopy doesn’t give the results I’m looking for. The distances change with each row and have countless decimal digits.
@mihai.s I have already tried to do it manually. But even with copy paste, it is a lot of work for a stadium with estimated 90k seats.

Another idea came to me tonight. I could easily add an edge to the left and right half of the width of the seat. If I could then divide the curve, I could arrange the seats automatically on each dividing point.
I know PathCopy can do this, but I don’t know how to split a curve exactly like an edge or an arc. Are there any possibilities like this?

And: Do you know an array extension that can evenly distribute the objects on the curve? Then I could check if some “Objects along Path” extension works in combination.

A lot to do tho… :face_exhaling:

Can those grades be made into components, you put chairs in one and it appears in all the others automatically?

Fredo Tools > Divide Edges

The stairs are already components. I understand your Idea, but the issue would be the same. I would have to do row by row manually and would have houndreds of components in the end. :confused:

But I will try Fredo Tools > Divide Edges :+1:t4:

If those ‘‘steps/grades’’ are equal to each other, and it is repeated in several areas of the stands, and you can divide the stadium into four parts, it is enough to put chairs in one of them and the other 3 components placed in the mirror will be ready.

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This is the plan, but all the rows are the problem :slight_smile:
Each row is different width and also different height. This is due to the oval shape.

Have you tried Profile Builder, it might be useful in this case as well.

This is probably a simple and quick method

Fredo Tools (Divide Edges), tt Guide Tools, tt Selection Toys.


As I suspected yesterday, using the Profile Builder 3 extension you can easily place the seats in the stadium, having a lot of settings, including the subsequent modification of the seat type, distances, etc… (all parametric)

Thank you, Dale!


Hey :slight_smile:

thats indeed the solution!
I actually knew profile builder and checked it out last night again already. I totally forgot about this components only possibility. Worth the $79!

Thank you so much @mihai.s!

Look at this pretty result :slight_smile: Will look absoult realstic when I exchange the placeholder seats later.