Arrays along a path in Sketchup Make

I’ve searched around, but cannot come up with an answer that doesn’t involve using SUPro, but is there a way to create an array along a curved path that will auto-rotate the part being copied? I’m wanting to line the back and seat of a chair with slats (two are shown in the attached file). They will be inset into the sides of the chair so I will need the cutouts to be exact when I take the file into Vectric VCarve for the cnc router. Hope that was clear. Thanks!

shop chair help file.skp (157.6 KB)

Is the curve a ArcCurve ?
If so RotateTool can do this if you hold down the CTRL key.

It’s a complex curve with unknown radii @DanRathbun. By arc curve, you are referring to a segment of the diameter of a circle with known radius, am I correct?

You can use the combination “BezierSpline” (Fredo6) and “ComponentStringer” (Chris Fullmer) for this task…

(Edit: corrected plugin name)

‘Entity Info’ tells you the radius of both seat and back curves, so, find the centre point and rotate copies…


Yep, like this perhaps.



Oops! Component Stringer, not Shape Bender

Thank you, I’ve corrected the plugin name.

This little plugin includes Point at Center, which makes it easy to find the centers…
Extension | SketchUp Extension Warehouse — Extension Warehouse

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Yes, well actually, a segment of the circumference of a circle, is an arc.
(Under the hood of SketchUp, the Ruby API calls them ArcCurve class instances.)

Ha, yeah. I guess I should have read my own question. I guess I meant to ask if you meant a simple arc or a curve that changes direction, such as the one I’m trying to follow. I’ve been able to accomplish what I needed using the methods above. I had to abandon the idea of insetting the slats. I don’t have the necessary cam software to program the 3d g code needed to angle some of the slats to fit around the front of the chair.