Repeat a shape along a path

I’d like to place an object along a curved path. (Making a border out of paving stones). I know I can copy them along the path, but that causes them to overlap. In real life, you’d have to cut each paver so that it places along the arc without creating large gaps. Does anyone know how to accomplish this in Sketchup?

Here you can see what I’m trying to do along the straight path on the bottom, but I need to do the same along the curve path of the fire pit.

Would the pavers be cut into trapezoid shapes? If so, draw one and use Rotate/Copy to create a radial array and place the multiple copies.

Yes they would. I’m not quite sure how to determine the exact shape of the trapezoid though.

How many stones do you want to put around the border and what’s the angle of the arc you need to cover? Is it 180°? Or what’s the angle and the maximum width of the stones? Oh, and the outside radius?

The pavers start out 6" x 9". Ideally i would like to be able to create a border on the whole shape, including against the bench:

The radius of the outside arc is 9’, i’m not sure on the radius of the inside arc. It lost its “arc-ness” when I cut the bench shape into it.

Does the outside arc cover 180°?

yes, (hopefully) exactly if I drew it right

It’s also worth asking the question, do you need the geometry or would a texture work?
In other words, what is the end result, a perfect model of which brick is cut which way, or a rendering using a suitable texture?

Box, I just need it to show the border when rendering. I don’t care if the geometry is in the model or not. Having said that I guess I assumed I needed separate geometry to show one texture in the field, and another texture along the border.