[HowTo] Create a "Grid" toolbar in Layout


[HowTo] Create a “Grid” toolbar in Layout

1. Find the “Toolbar Option” button on one of the toolbars. (It is a thin button with a arrow pointing down.)

2. Click it, and then “Add or Remove Buttons”, then choose “Customize…”

3. (The “Customize” dialogbox will open.) Click the “New…” button, then type “Grid” for the new toolbar name, then click the “OK” button.

4. The new “Grid” toolbar now appears in the list of toolbars.

5. Switch to the “Commands” tab, and pick category “Arrange”, then scroll the Command list down to “Grid Snap On”:

6. Drag “Grid Snap On” command up to the new toolbar …

7. … and drop it:

8. Pick category “View”, then scroll Commands list down to “HideGrid”:

9. Drag “HideGrid” up to the new toolbar, and drop it.

10. Finally, “Close” the “Customize” dialogbox.

Now your new “Grid” toolbar appears on the “Add or Remove Buttons” menu:

Button Ortho hidden