Toolbar Issues....Need Help!


Is there a way on a Mac to customize or change a new Toolbar Pallet to be a grid of tools instead of a long vertical or horizontal toolbar???


This is PC, but I think MAC is similar…

Like this ?
Just grab a corner of the ‘floating’ toolbar and resize it.
If you mean a ‘docked’ toolbar, then it is always in one row or column.
You could make ‘custom toolbars’ and then dock two [or more] side-by-side to mimic dual row/column arrangements…


The large toolbar is not able to do that but for any else is possible.


Please note that I am on a Mac. I keep trying to get the pallets to expand and I cannot get any cursor that allows me to do so on any edge or corner. Is there something I am missing?


Well??? Anybody??? I am trying to resize/reconfigure toolbars in SU on a Mac…Is there a way to do it? Am I missing something?

Please send help soon!!!


I don’t think you can resize it.

There is something you can do on Mac though. You could customize the tools along the top of the document window. Control-click on that, and choose Customize Toolbar… You can then remove any of the tools you rarely use, or add ones that you need often that weren’t already there.

It still would be one row of icons, but at least they would all be ones you use a lot.


The ability to reshape toolbars has been a longstanding feature request on the Mac. The built-in large toolbar is two-column, but all extension toolbars are single column/row. There are no provided handles in the GUI to change this.