Snap icon not toggling properly when added to toolbar in Layout



Not sure what is going on here, but toggling of snap icon added to toolbar is not functioning as expected in Layout 2016. I place the snap icon as a button on my main toolbar, it normally toggles from the larger red horseshoe magnet (on) to the smaller greyscaled version (off).

Currently, if the icon is red (on) and I click on it, nothing happens, but as soon as I choose the ‘arrange’ tab on the main menu the icon immediately switches properly to the off position. This works the same way if the icon is originally showing the greyscaled (off) representation and I try and toggle it on, nothing switches until the ‘arrange’ tab is selected.

If I try and go through the arrange tab, and choose to toggle snap on or off in the menu drop down, again the snap icon on the tool bar does nothing until I select the ‘arrange’ tab once more. Somethin’ ain’t right.


I have added this to our internal bug tracking system with id number 10711.

Thanks for reporting it!